Below are links to other sources of information that may be of interest to those on the West Shore.




Lakeside Community Council, meets the last Tuesday of every month (7:00pm; Sewer District Bldg. on Bierney Creek Rd.)



Lakeside Somers Chamber of Commerce  


Sign up for the Lakeside-Somers Voice - this is a mail distribution list where you can post events

or find out other events happening in the Community and keep up to date on projects in the
community.   Contact Debbie Spaulding at


Flathead County Animal Shelter  


Lakeside Community Development Foundation, P.O.Box 1002,  Lakeside MT 59922 or contact First Interstate Bank  at 758-2380


            Lakeside Visitors Bureau           Tel: 406-668-1866


Lakeside QRU

Address: 125 Bills Rd, Lakeside, Mt 59922        



Kalispell Regional Healthcare - ALERT - emergency helicopter services


Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) - Meals on Wheels


Rollins Volunteer Fire Department

56 Big Lodge Rd, Rollins, Mt 59931
(406) 844-2427


School District #29 (Somers/Lakeside)



Somers Volunteer Fire Department - Facebook Page



West Shore Community Library


West Shore Food Bank

Address: 7151 U.S. 93, Lakeside, Mt 59922


Want to know what the County Commissioners are discussing in case there are items that impact

the West Shore?  Check out Commissioners agendas for the week at
and click on "Agendas" on the left side of the page.

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